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Tim O'Regan
UnderUtopia Records

Darkfold releases debut CD, Metaverse, on BitTorrent and beyond

New distribution paradigms seen shaking up industry but opening new avenues for independent acts

Minneapolis, MN -- Darkfold will release their debut album on BitTorrent as part of a promotional experiment to gain insight into emerging technologies. Darkfold is a Minneapolis-based band on UnderUtopia Records, a nascent net-label looking to pioneer new ways of blending independent music with peer-to-peer (P2P) technology and less-restrictive copyright licensing (often called "copyleft"). This new philosophy includes freely sharing the full album on BitTorrent (participating sites include Demonoid, Mininova and The Pirate Bay) and embracing new licensing schemes like Creative Commons.

About Metaverse
Darkfold's debut album is called Metaverse. It's an intense, varied and consistently-melodic rock album that draws from the sounds of the last 40 years of rock 'n' roll, hip-hop and electronica, but sounds cohesive and thoroughly modern despite the garage-rock aesthetic pursued by the band on this release.

"Metaverse is what we wanted to achieve," says multi-instrumentalist Matthew Coon. "The album doesn't follow the rules of conventional rock music, but it sounds thoroughly rooted in everything from punk to metal to old-school blues. We know it's quirky and different, but that's a result of the three people who made it bringing their own vibe to every track."

Darkfold's approach to music
Darkfold was formed in 2006 and consists of three musicians who switch instruments throughout their live sets, depending on the song. The approach generates a unique feel and gives each song a distinct flavor. Taking a cue from their heroes in Pink Floyd and Kyuss, the band favors an open-ended, do-it-yourself approach to songwriting and recording. "We wanted the album to sound raw," reveals band member Andy Riedinger. "I'm a huge fan of Nirvana and we love their scruffy sound. If an album sounds too clean and too compressed it loses some of its honesty."

Why BitTorrent?
For the first time in human history a truly equitable distribution platform exists. BitTorrent is a collective file transfer protocol, meaning that you're uploading the file as you download it. It takes the load off the server, spreads it around and allows global distribution with virtually no bandwidth investment for the label. "Using BitTorrent was a no-brainer for us," insists UnderUtopia Records co-founder Tim O'Regan. "No other platform allows us to get Darkfold's album out there for so little investment on our part and with such a wide distribution."

Asked if he thinks releasing the album on BitTorrent will hurt sales, Mr. O'Regan grins and replies, "It's going to end up on BitTorrent anyway. Besides, Darkfold is a new band and we can't expect people to pay for an album they haven't heard yet. Corporate radio is not friendly to independent music and we want a wide distribution; I want somebody in an internet café in Senegal to download this album and share it with their friends. I think people who believe in independent music will support us."

Philosophy on File-sharing
The forward-looking approach even applies to their CDs. Each copy of Metaverse comes with a quick version of Darkfold's philosophy towards file-sharing. Whereas other bands have scary-sounding warnings and ominous FBI logos on their discs, Metaverse says simply: "Please share this album freely as long as it's for noncommercial purposes. Darkfold does not sue fans!"

"I wanted to call the album Seed This Torrent, but I was overruled," says Tim O'Regan with a laugh, referring to the practice of continuing to upload a completed torrent. It is regarded as an act of altruism amongst file-sharers because the download is finished and there is no technical need to continue uploading, but amongst anti-file-sharing advocates it is regarded as aiding and abetting theft. "You can't steal this album," Mr. Coon says, "because we're giving it away for free."

About UnderUtopia Records
Founded in 2006, UnderUtopia Records was designed to be a bastion for artists who want to separate them selves from the crumbling music industry of the previous century. Concentrating on a digital format but still releasing physical products, UnderUtopia Records aims to set the standard for post-millennial music labels. UnderUtopia Records is not affiliated with the RIAA. Find out more at

About Darkfold
Darkfold is a 3-piece rock band based in Minneapolis/St. Paul that plays heavy rock with a strong emphasis on melody and solid songwriting. All 3 members are adept at multiple instruments and rotate instruments several times during their incredible live shows. Besides exploring new territory in rock music the band is also dedicated to finding new ways of reaching fans. Find out more at

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