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Darkfold Biography

Darkfold was conceived by Tim O'Regan, Andy Riedinger and Matthew Coon in 2006 as a way to combat the lengthy Minnesota winters while bringing their extensive musical talents to bear on sonic experimentation and songwriting.

The three Darkfolders met in high school and share a deep interest in many different forms of music. Elements of punk, thrash metal, desert rock, psychedelic, Delta Blues, dub and Middle Eastern music can be found within their debut CD, Metaverse, as well as during their dynamic live shows. Metaverse is due to be released by UnderUtopia Records in 2009.

Darkfold and UnderUtopia Records support their fans and others across the net in the quest for rational and fair file-sharing laws. For more on this concept and how it affects both fans and music-makers, read Darkfold's file-sharing manifesto. As part of their dedication to music freedom, Darkfold has decided to offer most of their album as free downloads.

For more information about Darkfold or to contact the band for interviews or other media relations, please visit our press room.