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A defiant, dynamic hard rock album, full of homegrown riffage and sophisticated melodies, Metaverse is a powerful and ominous collection of nine tight songs. Darkfold delivers a melodic punch to the head featuring deft and versatile playing as they rotate instruments and morph before your ears. This release sees Darkfold eschewing production-heavy manipulation and concentrating on delivering subtle messages amidst a ferocious sound.

Darkfold's debut album: Metaverse

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<a href="">The Hunt by Darkfold</a>

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About Metaverse

Crafted, chiseled and hewed from slabs of solid rock, Darkfold’s debut release Metaverse on UnderUtopia Records marks the beginning of what will surely become a long and fruitful musical sojourn. The nine tracks on Metaverse span the gambit of musical styles from the hypnotic Persian influenced Nomads, the hard-rocking Bottom of the World, to the blitzkrieg of thrash that is Oppressotron.

Darkfold and UnderUtopia Records have formed partnerships with Twin Cities-based musical outlets Cheapo Records & The Electric Fetus to provide our home town fans a chance to buy the Metaverse disc complete with full color artwork in their own backyard. In addition, Metaverse can be found online at iTunes, CD Baby (complete CD) as well as other site orientated jukeboxes such as