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Music -- you came here for this page, right?

Don't you hate it when you go to a band's website and there's no "music" page? Isn't that kind of weird? Darkfold is not that kind of band. They believe in their music so much they're willing to give it away. Read more about Darkfold's take on modern music in the Manifesto section.

Darkfold - Metaverse: Click here to play the album now!Wanna listen to the whole album? Launch the player in a new window by clicking the play button to the right:

Download the following tracks from Darkfold's debut album, Metaverse by right-clicking on the download button and choose "Save file as..."

1. Interstellar --  
2. The Hunt -- Download MP3
3. Echelon -- Download MP3
4. Discord --  
5. Bottom of the World -- Download MP3
6. Nomads -- Download MP3
7. Saturn's Waltz --  
8. The System Within --  
9. Oppressotron --  


Want to hear more? We suggest you listen to it on Jamendo.

Metaverse can be downloaded in its entirety at Bandcamp.

Once you've listened to our stuff and want to support the band you can buy our CD or download some tracks from iTunes. Darkfold thanks you for your support! You ROCK!!